Helping the business owners of the

Asia Pacific community stay in business.


Covid-19 outbreaks and shutdowns.

Shoplifting and vandalism.

Racial harassment and online attacks.

Self-employed individuals and small business owners have been facing these challenges on their own. Due to their size, their ethnic background, or the industries they serve, the lack of resources provided to them has forced many to shut down.

At Incident Strategies Group, our mission is to help business owners protect their livelihood. From keepigng you updated about threats to guidance on how to manage a crisis, our company will work with you to ensure your business stays in business.

Our previous work on the black market has been globally recognized and used by

United Nations

World Economic Forum

European Parliment

Council on Foreign Relations

Pulitzer Center

We solve the unique problems our clients face. 

Safety and Security

The threats to small businesses and individual entrepreneurs are endless. In addition to the security issues that all organizations face (cyber crime, shoplifting, Covid-19), our clients face unique threats due to their size, background, and exposure. Whether it's reputational risks or targeted harassment, we help minimize the impact and stress on our clients.

Business Resiliency

Small businesses simply do not have the resources to weather a crisis. Mom and pop shops are unable to operate if the owners face a personal crisis, let alone a global pandemic. We help small business owners find ways to continue operating when key personnel or assets are disrupted by external events such as flooding or personal leave.


Immigrant and minority-owned businesses confront cultural and racial challenges that other businesses simply do not need to face. From cultural misunderstandings to racially-motivated attacks, our clients face unique risks that generally aren't mentioned by business consultants. We assist our clients in navigating the business and cultural flareups that arise for new business owners.


As the Covid-19 shut downs have shown us, being online can be the lifeline. But being online also opens up your business to a new area of attack. Online harassment, fraud, and fake reviews are all issues that our community has a higher risk of encountering.  We can help you lower your threat profile and make snese of the online environment so you can focus on growing your business.

Read more about how we can help you operate your business in tough conditions.

Risk Alerts

Sign up for our subscription service that provide risk alerts for our clients. Through our simple sign up process, you'll start to receive notification on situations and incidents that can potentially harm your livelihood, and the steps you can take to prevent it. 

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There are resources and strategies that can help you get through tough times. 

Let's find them together.